Sunday, 21 September 2014

Models Own Radiant Pink with Studs

The second of the Models Own Diamond Luxe collection that I thought I'd try, is Radiant Pink, the bright pink one. Like Pear Purple, this has a thickish but beautifully smooth formula, filled with shimmery diamond dust particles.

Rather than just wear this on the full nail, I used some tip guides to mark off half moons at my cuticles, because it occurred to me that I had still never tried a negative space mani. I then painted two coats of Radiant Pink and removed the tip guides. 

Then I used topcoat and added these studs from the Born Pretty Store. I reviewed the studs previously here, where you can find full details of where and how to buy them.  I really like these studs! They kind of remind me of eyes... which makes me think that I could do an OWL design with stud eyes! Omg, how awesome would that be?!

Anyway, I really like this polish - the formula is really good, and the colour is a lovely bright zingy pink.   And I really like the studs - the coloured ones are really shimmery and rich, and the black ones I used here give a really good contrast with the pink polish.

The studs are really light, and are easily reused - after the last time I used them, they stayed put for a good 24 hours, until I just picked them off and put them back in the pot to use again. 

As always, you can use my Born Pretty Store discount code to get 10% off any order. 

  These studs were provided for review purposes. See my Disclaimer section for more details.



Models Own Diamond Luxe - Pear Purple

I'm sure you've seen the new Models Own collection on blogs by now - the Diamond Luxe collection contains "real diamond dust" and has fancy gold lids and bottle designs. There are ten colours in the range, and they're available online and at Bottleshops now (for the normal Models Own price). I popped over to Meadowhell yesterday and bought six of them from the lovely Bottleshop there. 

Up first is Pear Purple, a pretty lilac shade. It took me a while to realise that the name doesn't relate to the fruit, but to the diamond cut! 

This is two coats of Pear Purple, with topcoat and some added rhinestones, just to go with the jewel theme. 

The formula for this is a bit different to a normal polish - it feels quite thick and almost gritty as it goes on, but it was really easy to apply and needed no clean up at all. It dried beautifully, although it wasn't the shiniest of finishes, hence the topcoat. 

The shimmer in there is so pretty! I found it really hard to capture on camera, but it's really soft and shimmery and lovely. There's a sort of gold shade in there somehow, which makes the colour so rich and warm. I really like this one a lot!  And this is the one I liked least (at first glance) of the 6 I bought, so I'm looking forward to trying the rest!

In other news, Elanor's Nails will be THREE years old in October, and I will be having a giveaway mid-month, with all sorts of prizes! Follow me now on Blogger, Bloglovin, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more chances to win!


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Born Pretty Store Gold & Coloured Studs, with Barry M Cocoa

So after a morning tidying up my nail desk (see post here!) I finally got round to actually painting my nails! It's been almost a week since I did anything worth posting.  Today I wanted to finally get round to trying more of the Barry M Autumn Gelly colours, so I started with Cocoa.  Cocoa is a gorgeous, dark, chocolately brown. This is two coats.  

The formula is great - opaque, smooth, even and glossy. Really lovely. I decided to pair this with some really lovely studs I have been sent for review from Born Pretty Store.

Just look at them! Aren't they fab? There are circles and squares of various colours. There's a gold coloured base, and then a super shiny, glowy coloured centre. I decided just to stick with one colour for this look, and used the orangey brown ones. 

I love how this looks! The contrast between the gold metal border and the coloured middle looks so fancy! I really like the bullseye effect.

The studs themselves are light, and stick down very easily with topcoat. 

These studs are on the Born Pretty Store website as item no 15332, and cost $5.32 for the whole set. I really like them, and can think of loads of looks I want to try out. 

You can also get 10% off this price using my AKJ61 discount code at the till. 

  These studs were provided for review purposes. See my Disclaimer section for more details.

Revamped Nail Desk! With pretty drawers!

This week I got really cross with my nail painting desk. It was messy, untidy, cluttered... I couldn't find things. Cat hair was collecting in places and I couldn't easily clean up amongst the clutter. Enough was enough!

I mean look at it! Urgh. As well as my nail stuff (and loooooads of untrieds and partially trieds) there are the instructions for the Nespresso machine I bought months ago, headphones, chewing gum, letters, my laptop, a toy hat from last Hallowe'en, an empty box, an empty birthday present bag... 

I then liberated these IKEA drawers from my back room. I've had these since I was a student in the mid 90s. They were full of junk! Receipts and cheque book stubs from the 90s, bits of paper, old pens, my school calculator, some manky old paperclips, flyers for uni band nights, baseball cards from 2003, train tickets from the late 90s.... I had a big throw away session!

Yesterday afternoon I spray painted the drawers gold, and then stuck on some fab enamel dots I found in a craft shop. The dots are meant for card making, so we'll see how well they stay stuck on, and if necessary I can re-glue them. I thought they looked just like nail varnish! I then threw away what wasn't needed, put things that didn't belong on my nail desk back where they should be instead, and reorganised my nail stuff so that everything has a place and most of the bottles are away with the other polishes where they should be.  

Here are the finished drawers!

The gold is really shiny in the right light!

Drawer 1 has all my  glitters.

Drawer 2 has all the studs and 3D things.

Drawer 3 has all the stripers and liners, and caviar beads.

Drawer 4 has stamping things and striping tape. 

Drawer 5 has water decals. 

And the big bottom drawer has all the rest - odds and ends, general supplies and so on.  On top are my glasses, my nail notepad and my gold heart shaped tin from Maxim's in Paris - this has things like files, clippers, orange sticks etc.

And here's the finished desk! The stripy thing is a glass kitchen worktop protector, which I love. On the left is my giant magnifying glass (my eyesight is going with age!) and my lamp is my uni desk lamp, complete with 20 year old stickers! I can't bear to get rid of that yet!

I'm really pleased with how it all looks. I wish I could have a fancy nail room like some bloggers, but I don't have the space, so this is a corner of my living room.



Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Barry M Paprika with White Stamping

The second of the Barry M Autumn Gellys that I'm trying is Paprika, the reddish brown one.  I wore this for two days on its own, and loved it, but stupidly forgot to take a photo! It's a lovely light brown with a hint of red, and reminds me of chocolate but with a twist of something else in there too.   Formula is really good, and was almost a one-coater, but I added two just because.   After two days on its own, I stamped using one of my birthday presents, MoYou London Pro plate 06 and Konad White. 

I really like how this came out! This stamp design was actually floral, but I think this looks sort of giraffey, or tortoise-shelly. I'm guessing that's the colour combination more than the design though.

Paprika is a lovely colour, I think, and I really like Pro plate 6 - there are some lovely designs on it! I can't wait to use them.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Colour Me Crazy: Neon Skittle Gradient

I'm very last minute again with my Colour Me Crazy nails, but I have got them done.  This week's theme is Neon. 

I decided to do a gradient and a skittle, as I have lots of neon colours that I like and couldn't choose between them. I started with a white base, and then sponged colours on like there was no tomorrow.

I used Models Own Coconut Cream as the base, and then used Models Own My Midori, Bikini, Bubblegum and Pukka Purple, as well as OPI Juice Bar Hopping and Chine Glaze Splish Splash.

I then mattified everything using Barry M Matte Topcoat.

I was quite pleased with how this turned out!

What do you think?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Born Pretty Store - Birthday Bling!

It's my birthday today! I haven't actually done anything about it because I'm old and it's been a ridiculously busy week at work, but I have had a lovely lazy day with a long sleep and some wine, and I have been wearing SPARKLY nails!

As you may have noticed, I'm getting increasingly fond of 3D nail charms, especially the really sparkly ones! This is one I spotted on the Born Pretty Store website a while ago, and was lusting after for quite some time. And now I've been sent one to review!  This is item #9798 and is officially called "3D Nail Art Sticker Bling Rhinestoned Drop-shape Design Nail Art Decoration". It costs $1.99 at the moment, which is a total bargain!

As you can see, it's a teardrop metal shape in a gold colour, with lots of sparkly multicoloured rhinestones and some tiny pearly beads.  How PRETTY is this??

I wore it first over my earlier polish (see previous post) of Essie Naughty Nautical, a lovely shimmery green. 

I really like the charm paired with this greeny turquoise, as it matches some of the rhinestones and ties it together.  

Then today, as it was my birthday, I decided to really go for it, and put it with Jacava Knightsbridge Opulence (a goooorgeous shimmery pink which I previously received for review) and some more rhinestones. 

Not content with just the sparkles, I wondered what it would look like with a gold louboutin reverse polish on the backs of my nails, and the mega ridiculous sparkly ring I bought online last year (but have never worn because... well!) 
...and the answer appears to be BLINGTASTIC! 

The gold on the back of the nails is Barry M Gold Foil (the limited edition Christmas one). 

I'm in love with this 3D charm! It's comfortably chunky and has a nice feeling of weight on my finger, without being heavy or rough-edged. It doesn't catch on things and sticks down easily with topcoat, and is obviously easily reusable. It's slightly curved, so sits easily on the nail. I have very long nails at the moment and it fits easily on the nail. If you have short nails though it may overhang at the front, and that could look pretty cool too, for a special occasion! 

This charm is also available in a silver and white design, which also looks REALLY pretty! I think I will have to buy a couple of those too. 

If you do fancy getting something like this, they are currently on sale at BPS, and you can use my discount code to get an extra 10% off as well!

  This charm was provided for review purposes. See my Disclaimer section for more details.

Essie Naughty Nautical - a Freebie!

Last week I was in Boots, buying some Orly Color Blast polishes, and the barcode scanner wasn't working. The lady on the till couldn't read the tiny barcodes on the bottles, so I read them out to her - and she then gave me a free bottle of Essie as a thank you! So this is Essie Naughty Nautical. 

This is two coats of Naughty Nautical, with no topcoat. 

The formula is really nice - very smooth and opaque, with a really pretty shimmery sparkle that's subtle but lovely.

I really like the brush - it's the normal Essie brush (which is great) but slightly narrower as this is a mini bottle, which is even better for me and my narrow nails!

I think this one is a hit! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Orly Color Blast - Magenta Color Flip

I was in a large Boots the other day and noticed a display of a brand I'd never seen before - Orly Color Blast. Google tells me that Color Blast is the high street 'cheaper' version of the Orly range. Not that much cheaper though, as these cost £9.50 each!  The display was stunning, really gorgeous, and I ended up buying three!

This is Magenta Color Flip, 2 coats, with topcoat.  Apparently the Color Flip range is the Color Blast duochrome range. This one shows a gorgeous red/orange in the bottle, which suckered me in immediately as I LOVE reds and oranges!

Application is really nice - it's even, smooth and clean, and the brush is really good. The lid is nice - it's rubbery and the ridges give a good grip. 

On the downside, I can't really see any duochrome on the nails. There's a bit visible in the bottle, but it doesn't really translate to the nail.  

On the other hand - it's a gorgeous, glowy, shiny colour! I do really like it.

Having said that, £9.50 is quite a lot for a high street brand, and I can't say that this colour is particularly unique. I do have a lot of glowy metallic reds! But this is beautiful!
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