Saturday, 30 May 2015

May Round-Up

I keep forgetting to do these collage posts at the end of the month, but here's one for May!

Which of these did you like best?  I think my favourite was the rainbow dots, but the blue marker pen nails came a close second, which surprised me!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Pastel Watermarble

I was going to do my nails this evening and do a proper post, but I'm ridiculously tired and a bit headachy, and I just want to go to bed.  So in the meantime, here are a couple of photos of a watermarble I did a while ago, and which I never posted for some reason.

I can't even remember what polishes these were! I suspect they are Barry M Gellys, but I'm not sure. 

I think I didn't post these because I'd broken my ring finger nail, and it was so short and stubby. Now I look at them though, they're pretty! 

I haven't done a watermarble in a while - maybe it's time to do one again!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Neon Skittle Mish Mash

I saw some gorgeous neon nails the other day that were a white background with lots of different neon looks on each nail. I can't find it now though! If anyone knows what it was I saw then please let me know so that I can see how mine compared and credit the inspiration!

Anyway, I started with a white base (Barry M Cotton) and then used dotting tools, striping tape and a fine brush to add various patterns. The colours I used were Models Own Sun Hat, Bikini and Shades, Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition 2013 and Cyan Blue, and Essence Flashy Pumpkin.  

I know these aren't perfectly executed, but I am happy with how they turned out. They're bright and colourful (brighter than these photos, which look a bit washed out) and cheered me up during a busy day at work. 

And just to prove that I do do both hands every time, here's my right hand!

I know it's less neat, especially with regards to the clean up (and don't look at my scabby cut on my thumb cuticle!) but it isn't significantly different from my other hand, so I'm quite pleased.   I was a bit surprised to see a nail blogger on YouTube the other day (NOT the same blogger who did the neon nails I liked) who had gorgeously decorated long nails on one hand, but short, bare nails on the other hand! I understand that sometimes someone will only swatch colours on one hand because it's coming straight off again, but I do nail art because I want to wear it, so I always do both hands!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Blue Marker Pen Nails

I liked my orangey-pink blended alcohol ink nails so much that I decided to have another go with a blue colour scheme.  I used two blue marker pens for these nails. 

I started with a base of Barry M Cotton, a pure white creme. Then I doodled a bit with the two pens, and then dabbed with a fine brush dipped in surgical spirit to get this blended effect.

I really like how it came out!  Although having said that, it was really tricky to clean up round the cuticles, even with a liquid latex barrier. 

It's an interesting effect though, and I like the marbled, splodgy look to it.  

I think I might try stamping over it, but I can't decide what to do! What would you stamp over this, and in what colour?

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Tropical Floral Stamping - Born Pretty Store 65

I didn't want to take off my marker pen orange-pink blended design from Friday, so I decided to stamp over it!  I used this new plate from Born Pretty Store, BP-65.

As you can see, this plate has a variety of floral designs - four really pretty full-nail designs and four individual images. Aren't they pretty?

I stamped using Models Own Chrome Cerise, and the geometric flower design from the plate. 

I LOVE how this looks! While the pattern is a flower, it also reminds me of citrus fruits, so I think it goes really well with the zingy, bright colours.

The plate itself is the usual Born Pretty standard - the stamping transfers cleanly and crisply, and the plate is solid and nicely backed with a BPS logo. The plate also comes in its own little card sleeve to protect it as well.

The plate is available here for $2.99, and you can also get 10% off and free shipping worldwide with my discount code. 

I received this product for review purposes, but words and opinions are entirely my own. I do not receive anything if you use my discount code, although when it's been used ten times, BPS will let me host a giveaway for my readers! See my Disclosure page for more details.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Marker Pen + Alcohol Nails! Orange Blend...

Recently I've seen quite a few people posting 'sharpie' nails, or 'alcohol ink' nails, and have really liked the blended, watercoloury look of them. The various posts I've seen have described a few different ways to achieve this, but the clearest set of instructions I've seen, and the ones I decided to try, was this tutorial by Chelsea: How To Sharpie Nails  She makes it look so easy! I also referred to these gorgeous nails by Jema: Sharpie Watercolour Nails which is essentially the same technique, but blended in a dish instead of on the nail.

I started with a base of white (Barry M Pearl) and the doodled with some marker pens in orange, pink, red and yellow. I then used surgical spirit (it took me a while to realise that this is what the non-British blogs mean when they talk about 'rubbing alcohol'!) and a small brush to dab and blend the ink to a more marbled sort of finish.

I found this technique a bit easier to manage than Jema's method, as it wasn't as liquid or messy. It is still a bit messy though, and I'm glad I covered all my cuticles with liquid latex first as a barrier. 

I really like how this came out - it's such a pretty effect. I enjoy the surgical spirit smell too, which made me feel all nostalgic for my childhood!  It wears off when you wash your hands and add topcoat though thankfully, as I don't fancy spending a day smelling of surgical spirit!  

I'd love to know what you think of these! I'm currently thinking they'd look good with a fine gold filigree/lace pattern stamped over the top too. 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Barry M Full Throttle

I haven't bought any nail varnish since early February!  I haven't seen anything interesting or different in ages. Then I was thinking today that I don't have ANY polish that's a peachy orange colour, so I bought this one, Barry M Full Throttle from their Speedy Quick Dry range. 
This is two coats, with topcoat. 

I love this colour - it's really pretty. However, I really don't like the formula. The first coat is really streaky, and because it does dry quite quickly, it also drags quite a bit. 

This collection from Barry M has a new flat brush with a rounded end. Most bloggers seem to be raving about it, but I wasn't keen at all. It was too wide for my narrowest nails, and I found it harder to use than the normal Barry M brush. 

This also bubbled up on the second coat for me, although it was fixed with topcoat. 

So yes... nice colour, but I'm not impressed with the formula at all!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pink Dots

I liked my rainbow dots (see here!) so much that I did more dots for today's nails.

This is a base of Barry M Truffle. I then dotted across the middle section of the nails using Models Own Sunhat, Shades, and Diamond Luxe Radiant Pink, and Barry M Rose Hip. I added topcoat once everything was dry.

I love the contrast of the bright, zingy pinks with the neutral base.

I'm addicted to dots at the moment! 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Purple Stamped Flowers

Just a quick post today - I'm still wearing my dotty rainbow nails because I don't want to take them off yet!  These are some nails I did last week and didn't post. 

This is a base of Rimmel Pro Ultra Violet. I stamped over this using Barry M Blackberry and MoYou London Mother Nature plate 14. 

It's a simple look, but I liked wearing this.

The Barry M Gelly polishes are so good for stamping!


Sunday, 10 May 2015

Rainbow Dots!

I'm always fascinated by brightly coloured rainbow nail designs when I see them on other blogs, and yet am always a bit disappointed when I do them myself, as I always end up with a bit of a mess.  Today's nails were inspired by this lovely design by Nails by Jema. Hers are gorgeous, aren't they?

So, here are mine.

I started with a base of Barry M Pearl, the off-white one from the Silks range. I then dotted away with a whole host of other Barry Ms, mostly Gelly colours. 

I'm not particularly happy with the way each colour blends into the next (i.e. they don't!) but I do really like the ring finger because the colour change seems a bit more natural. 

I think the main difference between the original design by Jema, and mine, is that she has a lot more colour coverage on the nails - I was perhaps too cautious and left too much white showing.  Plus I needed a better blend of colours too, so that it's not a sudden switch from one colour to the next.  

I did get a bit bogged down in the idea that the colours needed to be in proper rainbow order, but maybe I should have given up on that and just done a more gradient-like blend. 

Having said all that, I'm comparing mine to the original, which is a bit negative, I know. So without the comparison, I really like these nails, so much so that I've done them on my right hand and will wear them to work tomorrow. 

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