Friday, 13 May 2016

Gradient Droplets

I recently had a splurge on exciting nail vinyls from a US store, Whats Up Nails, after seeing them in some gorgeous blogger photos on Instagram. I was SO excited when the package came!

I've been wearing these nails for three days, and have only taken them off now because I managed to chip one.   The base is Barry M Cotton. I then used the droplet vinyl stencils, and splodged on three of the new Barry M Lolly Gloss polishes, the orange one (Orange Fizz), the pink one (Pink Candy) and the red one (Cherry Drop) in a gradient-ish design. You can't actually see the change from red to pink that clearly, but I still think this works.

The vinyls are fantastic - they stick down and lie flat, and then lift off easily without leaving any sticky residue, just beautiful crisp lines. 

The Lolly Gloss polishes are lovely - translucent and super shiny, and they smell of boiled sweets! 

You can see the range of stencils and vinyls at Whats Up Nails here.  I bought these, and used a discount code from Vics Nails, who did the gorgeous nails where I first spotted these vinyls.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Twinsie Nails! 80s Inspired

My friend Wendy and I have both been lacking inspiration a bit recently, and on Friday we challenged each other to do 80s nails. Here are mine!

My nails are inspired by an awesome top I had around 1985ish. It was a batwing, slash neck, off the shoulder, cropped delight, with a graffiti style turquoise grid pattern, and some big orange roses. I have managed to recreate the pattern, if not the batwing amazingness.

The base is Barry M Cotton. I then stamped using Barry M Guava and Born Pretty stamping plate BP-40. I then freehanded the roses using lots of different oranges, and a yellow, and two greens.  

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They're a bit garish, but they're certainly how I remember the 80s. After I'd been wearing these for a few hours, it struck me what the background reminded me of - J cloths!

I wore these Out last night (yes, I did both hands) and just as I got home, one nail on my left hand broke right off! Luckily it didn't break down past the nail line, but I've had to file all my nails down pretty short to match. 

Here are Wendy's! Aren't they ace? They're SO 80s.

Check her out on Instagram!



Friday, 29 April 2016

Pink and Grey Flowers

These are the nails I've been wearing for the last couple of days. 

I used some more Barry M Gelly colours that I hadn't tried before, Chai (the grey one) and Pink Lemonade (the pale pink one) as the base. Both of these are really really nice - Chai is definitely a one coater, and Pink Lemonade could be if you're careful, although I did two thin ones. 

I then freehanded the flowers using Barry M Aloha (one of the new Coconut Infusion range) and Pink Lemonade, and MoYou London Bahamas Punch for the flower centres. 

I love pink and grey together. It was my favourite part of the 80s, and I do miss how common it was as a combo! I had a gorgeous ankle length pink and grey flannel skirt with big pockets trimmed with pink rickrack.... Oh dear. Maybe these things are best left back in the 80s!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Sunflower Nails

I've been stamping a lot recently, and I felt the urge to do some freehanding for a change.  The weather has been grey and damp, and I wanted something bright and cheerful, so I went for my favourite flowers, sunflowers. 

I started with a base of China Glaze For Audrey (my bottle has gone a bit thick and gloopy - it's now a PERFECT one coater!) and freehanded the flowers using some MoYou stamping polishes and a fine brush. The yellow is Bahamas Punch and I used two greens for the leaves, Key Lime and Spring Green. I really like how pigmented and rich the MoYou London stamping polishes are - they're not too gloopy to do nail art with, but they're still opaque over strong colours.

The brown flower centres are Barry M Cocoa. 

And just to show you that I do always do both hands (apparently some people don't! Who knew?) here's my other hand as well.  The cleanup's not quite as good, but I'm pretty pleased with these. 

Weirdly, I posted a pic of these on Twitter, and my friend Wendy from MASPOOASE pointed me at the sunflower nails she did almost 3 years ago today, and they're almost identical! 

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Shakespeare Nails

Yesterday was Shakespeare's birthday, and the 400th anniversary of his death. I go to the theatre a lot, and love a bit of Shakespeare, so I did nails. 

I started these with a base of a splodged on mix of three beigey-nude colours. I needn't have bothered, as they were so similar I should just have painted them one of the colours. I had been aiming for a sort of parchmenty unevenness to the colour. Oh well. 

I then stamped using three different MoYou London plates. The skull was Rockstar 01 and Konad Black, the script was Scholar 02 and Barry M Cocoa, the quill was also Scholar 02, with Konad Black, and the roses were from Pro XL 26 and Colors by Llarowe The Heart Bleeds. I added matte topcoat to all the nails except the one with the roses, because I wanted them to look sparkly. It isn't hugely obvious, but the text is the opening of Romeo and Juliet.


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Recent Nails

I've been feeling pretty disillusioned with blogging recently, but I have still been doing my nails (and apparently buying FAR too many Mo You London stamping plates!)  So today, just a quick look at a couple of the designs I've been wearing.

These nails were more reverse stamping decals.  I started with a base of Barry M Pearl, and used MoYou London Flower Power 04 to stamp using Konad Black, Barry M Dragon and Colors by Llarowe This Heart Bleeds. 

I really like how these came out! There are a couple of smudgy bits in places, but I'm choosing to ignore them.

These blue nails are the ones I am wearing now - I've had these on for three days now. 

I started by sponging on a splodgy, random base using lots of Barry M Gelly blues. 

I then stamped using MoYou London Flower Power 08 and Konad White. I managed to get the design pointing in different directions on each nail, but oh well. 

The MoYou London Flower Power plates are gorgeous! I had to buy six. 



Saturday, 9 April 2016

Tropical Stamped Decals

After my first reverse stamped decals the other day, I was itching to make more!

These ones use MoYou London Tropical 14 plate. I started with a base of Barry M Meadow, and stamped using MoYou London Spring Green. I filled in the flowers using several different China Glaze neons.

I was a bit disappointed with the blue flowers, because some of them overflowed a bit. I don't think it's massively obvious, but I wish they were neater. 

I really like the design on the middle and ring fingers best - I think I wish I'd done that on all the nails now. Still, I do like the result!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Reverse Stamping Decals

I'm so excited about these nails!  I recently bought a silicone nail art mat (I have the Bundle Monster Lotus mats in the small sizes) and was excited to have a go at making reverse stamped decals. My first attempt was really bad, and my second attempt was pretty bad, but I think that third time round, I've managed to crack it. 

I used this tutorial by MoYou London, but there are loads of similar tutorials out there.  By the way - it's so much nicer stamping using the mat instead of bits of kitchen roll!

I started with a base of one coat of Pantone  14-1220, a nude colour with a very thin consistency. One of my early mistakes was using Barry M Gellys, which are quite thick, and made me end up with a super thick and claggy decal. I then stamped using Konad White and MoYou London Pro XL 26, stamping onto the mat over dried topcoat. 

I then used a variety of colours, including Barry M Sugar Apple, Sugar Plum, Blood Orange and MoYou London Bahamas Punch and Spring Green, and a tiny brush to fill in the details in the pattern. I used 5 different designs from the stamper so that each finger was different. Instead of sticking the design down with topcoat (another early mistake, adding another extra layer) I added the second layer of my base colour, and then applied the decal while that was still tacky.

I love the thumb design best! And I match my shower curtain! (Ikea, Cath Kidston design)

I really like the silicone mat - I didn't need it to keep my desk clean, as I already have a glass placemat - but it's great for stamping, nice for swatching and testing designs, works really really well for decals, and just cleans up with acetone and folds up to put away if you want to. I'm surprised at how few of my stamping plates are suitable for making decals though, as very few have a pattern that can be filled in. I'll have to buy some more! What a pity...  



Monday, 28 March 2016

Dotted Easter Nails

These nails were inspired by these gorgeous dotted Easter eggs by Lucy's Stash - aren't they beautiful?  My nails are a very pale second in comparison!

I started with a base of Barry M Cream Soda. I then painted the half moons using a fine paintbrush, and used a dotting tool to make the patterns. 

I used a whole batch of Barry M Gelly colours to do these:  Sugar Apple,  Acai Smoothie, Dragon, Sugar Plum, Pink Punch, Guava and Blue Grape. 


Monday, 21 March 2016

Mood Maker Orange Thermal

Following on from my previous post showing you the pink thermal, here is the second one in the set, the orange one.

This set of 2 was £6 in Boots. 

This is three coats of the orange one.  Formula is quite nice, if a bit thin. Easy to apply though, and not runny or messy. This is a little sheer, but you could apply it over a white base if you didn't want visible nail line. 

This has a less obvious colour change than the pink one. It moves from a yellow when warm to a juicy orange when cold. 

While I really like how this looks cold, I'm not particularly keen on the warm yellow look. 

So as not to look quite so yellow, I quickly stamped over these with Models Own Gold Chrome and MoYou London Artist plate 11. 
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